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Children Praying for one another

I am Lisbeth, originally from an indigenous town, in the Chatino ethnic group of the state of Oaxaca. My time at the Bible School has been and continues to be a great blessing. From the first weeks I arrived, God spoke to my heart He was going to untie knots in my life, and so it was. Something that was deeply rooted in me was orphanhood. My father went to the United States when I was 10 years old, so I did not live with him, and from that age until now (I am 25 years old), I had to be a support for my mother. Because I forgot to be a daughter; I focused on drying tears and hiding everything I felt. I had to cry in secret so that no one would see my vulnerability.

I met Christ 3 years ago. More than 1 year ago, two months before getting married, I received the call to serve in the children’s ministry in my church, but I was being limited by that spirit of orphanhood. I received a lot of rejection from my leaders. Even so I continued forward until I reached the point that I said, “I can’t do it alone”, if my fire doesn’t have covering it will go out.

I arrived at the Mission Base because I wanted more of Father God. After several weeks of receiving the impartation of the word I was freed from every spirit of orphanhood, rejection, and anger. I was restored to my identity as a daughter of God! I was blessed with complete inner healing. Everything I am receiving at Bible School has helped me personally, in my marriage, in ministry to children, and more.

I took the first step of faith in coming to study, and now my husband has also joined the school. Being a young couple, with only a year of marriage, the marriage courses that we are receiving here have helped us to carry out our marriage according to God’s vision. Every weekend we are traveling to our church to serve in the children’s ministry. Now, with my husband, together with the help of the Holy Spirit we are building a ministry with power. Children are being ministered to, receiving their inner healing, children sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit, receiving revelation of their personal purposes in God, children preaching with anointing. The fresh movement of the Holy Spirit is causing a multiplication of children, who are increasingly being added to this ministry. Glory to God!

We have received prophecy that God will also lead us to work with young people, to serve our generation. We have also received prophecy of a pastoral call. We believe that God will continue to prepare us for when that time comes.

We still have disciples like Lisbeth who don’t have sponsors. It costs Roca Blanca $250 dollars a month to train each disciple.  Because of the poverty in southern Mexico, we only charge $150 dollars and look for generous people like yourself to make up the difference. Would you prayerfully consider becoming a Discipleship Partner at $50 or $100 dollars a month?


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