Children's Ministry in Missions

Our month of missions was in Santa María Chicometepec, better known as “La Boquilla”. It is two and a half hours from Roca Blanca and 40 minutes from Pinotepa Nacional. We were sent for the purpose of sharing the gift of salvation. It is a remote community where the principalities of alcoholism, witchcraft, orphanhood, violence, and poverty abound. The inhabitants of this place are Afro-Mexicans. Years ago when the Spanish came, they had African slaves on their ships and these slaves mixed with the Mexicans.

We were sent to support the vision that God had given Sister Enedina, a sister who is an example of obedience and of constantly listening to the voice of God.  Every morning we got up to seek direction from God and to intercede for La Boquilla, then we went out to evangelize the people of the town. The people feel alone, abandoned, sad and confused. Idolatry is very common in each family, the altars to the Virgin and to death stood out in each house. During this time we saw people breaking down and recognizing their need for God. We also saw people reconciling with Christ and children coming closer to the Word.

New Disciple Reading the Bible

Sister Enedina had a home group that when we arrived was made up of two families, but in the fourth week of our arrival around 30 people attended! It was impressive to see how God was at work in the hearts of the families of La Boquilla. In the afternoons we went to the basketball court to spend time playing with the children and young people. People need a lot of love. In this town, although small, there are two witch doctors who lived there. I learned that if they took the time to do their things and move to that place, how much more should we take the time to establish ourselves in a place to share about the one who saved us, Jesus.

Mission Student Teaches from Bible

During this time of missions, I learned that there is great need in the communities, that love is scarce, and that darkness can be overcome if we as children of God stand in the gap. I learned that God, through my life, can do many things, like give a hug, listen to people, talk about his love and his work on the cross, love children, pray for people and serve them. God has started the good work in La Boquilla and although there is still a long way to go, I know that He will finish it!

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