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To establish the kingdom of God here on earth, there are three important concepts that must be well defined: vision, administration, and leadership. The vision will tell us where we need to go, the administration will help us get there, and leadership will cause many to go with us. Effective and efficient administration is required to be able to focus resources correctly to realize the vision. Administration is the tool that materializes the vision of our minds.

At the Mission Base, the administration department is an important pillar. Our desire is that when the Lord returns he will find us doing his will defined as Evangelism (through love ministries such as the Corban Clinic), Discipleship (the main reason for the Mission Base, where we have the Bible School, the School of Worship, discipleship for children and adolescents through our Multigrade K-12 school and High School) and Pastoring (81 churches planted in the different towns of southern Mexico).

To fulfill the vision, all kinds of resources are needed. An important resource I want to talk about is infrastructure. God has allowed us to build different buildings.  

-Exactly one year ago we made an addition to our Multigrade School. Thanks to the Multigrade addition we are now educating and discipling 60 children!

-We are just finishing construction on an addition to the House of Prayer to expand our capacity to receive people who come to the Fountain of Grace ministry seeking prayers for illnesses of all kinds. God has done miracles and wonders through this ministry!

Nursing School Project
Prepa Dorm

-We continue to build the Trade School and are just over half finished.  We are currently working on the director’s housing.  We lack the Nursing School ($50,000. dollars) and more classroom space on the second floor.  We need $100,000. to finish.

-Our immediate project is an expansion of dormitories to receive more adolescents from the mountains to study in Victory High School. They are looking to break the curse of poverty that they have suffered for generations. We need $35,000 to expand the High School dorms and classrooms.

I ask that you pray with us and open your heart to what God is doing.

The provision to carry out each project is divine and powerful. We do not want to only maintain what is already built; we want to move forward! The fire of God burns in our hearts to see more of the kingdom of God established in our indigenous localities. We are living by faith. Is He asking you to be part of His Kingdom here in Oaxaca?

You can send your checks to:

Roca Blanca Missions, 2228 Dover Dr., Hutchinson, KS 67502

Write in the Memo line the project you would like to support.

Send Checks to:

Roca Blanca Missions
2228 Dover Drive
Hutchinson, Kansas  67502

Be sure to put the project name on the memo line.

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