Jaqueline playing Piano

I have many memories of my childhood, particularly of me organizing concerts in my living room for my parents and my brother.  I remember pretending to play various instruments, while my desire to be a musician increased every day. My family was not Christian until I was 15 years old. When I accepted Christ that desire to make music was still inside me and the desire to serve him also began to grow in me. It was God himself who shaped my vision for his glory.

I came to CAMP in 2019 and since that year my life changed radically. CAMP is not only a school, but as its name says, it is a house where you don’t make friends, you make family; a house where you are encouraged to follow your goals and above all to be an excellent worshiper. I could divide CAMP into two sections: musical classes, and biblical classes. In the musical classes I entered knowing absolutely nothing, but with each class my abilities grew in a way that I never expected.

Jaqueline playing Violin
CAMP Student Jaqueline

The second section of biblical knowledge and how to apply it to music was something wonderful for me. Here my call was affirmed when I felt most insecure and the vision of God’s purpose in my life was even clearer. I can say that music is a beautiful gift that the Father has given to me and CAMP helped me discover it. Today I think of my past, I remember that girl who saw musicians in the streets and got excited, now I smile and say to myself: today you are a musician, a musician for God.

String Ensemble

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