Gabriel Morales Enríquez

20 years old

Cozoaltepec, Oaxaca

My parents left me with my grandma because they moved to the States. Even though my grandma did her best to raise me, I still needed the love of my parents. I was a spoiled and disobedient kid, and began to consume alcohol and drugs only to get attention. Deeper in my heart I was suffering from the absence of my parents.

My life was a mess, I was suffering from depression and felt like I had no purpose to live. One day I met Ada, a missionary sent by the Bible School, and she talked to me about Jesus and I accepted Him as my perfect Father. I started to attend to the cell groups and heard about God, I fell in love with Him, He was what my soul was seeking. Now I know that the only reason and purpose of living is to serve Him, I am here to receive a ministry in wherever are He wants to use me.

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