Garin Aurelio Gómez Contreras

18 years old

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

I had a frustrated childhood. My dad’s absence and abuse from my step father marked my life with hate. My mom abandoned us my siblings and I, with my grandmother. My father spent the majority of His life in jail and when he got out he picked us from my grandma’s house.

I grew up hating and blaming my father for everything I went through, one more time my father got in jail, and this time I had to stay with my stepmother and worked selling the Juquila virgin’s retreats in order to help my dad and support my stepmother.

I tried to run away from home like three times, and during this tries I almost lost my life; however, He had plans for me before I knew it.

While I will here I want to be trained to sever in His ministry. To have the basic foundations in order to share with others His truth and mercy, to share the love of God with the needed.

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