Guadalupe Lugos Gonzales

17 years old

Putla, Oaxaca

Four years ago my grandfather got sick and some brothers from the church came to preach us the Gospel, and they invited us to the church where I currently belong in Putla. It was there where through the Word, God touched my heart, and soon a deep thirst for Him started, and even though the enemy told me I was not worthy of His love, I still trusted Him. I gladly enjoy being a daughter of God, and want to serve Him and my brothers and sisters.

I came to this Bible Institute because I have the desire to have a deeply knowledge of His word and person. I want to share the salvation of God with the needy, but in order to do that I need the training that is given here. I also want to have a stronger relationship with the Lord so I will be a woman with a solid foundation in the Word of God.

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