Héctor Júpiter Cruz Camarillo

18 years old

Ajalpan, Puebla

The Lord rescued my parents in the year of 1999, I was two years old when this happened. Having the Lord as our Lord and Savior helped my family to do their best to rise me and show me the right ways. As time passed I grew up knowing there is a God and fearing Him. I always enjoyed the church meetings and prayers because of the love I have had for God. I don´t doubt of His faithfulness because I have seen Him acting in my favor when hard times are coming.

My parents were able to see and understand the care God has had for me, this is why the encouraged me to spend a time to know and seek Him in a deeply way. I disposed my heart to do His will, and He did open doors for me to be here.

While I will be here I am going to know Him and about Him, giving my life in obedience. I also know that during the time I´ll be here He will prepare me for His perfect will.

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