José Antonio Mancilla Cervantes

49 years old

Nopala, Oaxaca

I spent years trying to find God, I had heard about Jesus, but never thought that He would give me peace and healing. I resisted religion because the majority were guided by men’s doctrines. Jesus reached me at the middle of the dead, because I had terminal cancer. My body was not functioning and the only thing I gave Him was my heart. One day I went to sleep not being sure if I would wake up again, and I had a dream. Jesus told me to come here at Roca Blanca and that pastor Duane was going to pray for me, it was October 11, 2012 when
Jesus started the healing in my body.

I came without planning for I know He is the one who leads me, I only give my heart willing to obey and do His will. He knows me better than anyone, He knows my weaknesses and my strong areas. I really want to be His vessel because it is His grace working through me.

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