José Fernando López Robles

21 years old

Juchitan, Oaxaca

During my childhood I was raped, and my parents did not put attention to me. These caused me to be a timid boy, and with homosexual tendencies. When I graduated from junior High, my uncles received me in their house. They were Christian so they talked to me about God and I started to go to the church.

Later on I moved into other uncle´s house, these were pastors, so I learned a lot more, in 2010 I studied a Bible School. I studied University, but during that time I got away from God and lived a double life.

When I touched bottom, someone came to me and suggested me to offer God my last year of University, I accepted and this is why I am here now, to be confront and restore. I know that God is going to guide me to do His will.

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