José Miguel Barbosa Villalba

27 years old

Ajalpan, Puebla

Before March, I led a normal life, working in Oaxaca City and enjoying my life like others did; however, one day I became ill. It was a throat infection, but as the days passed by, it got worse and became pneumonia. I want not able to eat or drink anything for 3 days.

My friends invited me to a party, and I attended. I was participating with them, using drugs, alcohol and sex; however, something inside of me was pulling me out, I ran into the bathroom and asked God to help me. When I got home, I prayed to God and asked Him to prove it to me if He was the one calling me. My surprise was that on the next Monday my pastor called me to encourage me to follow Jesus.

I came to the Bible School because I want to have a deep connection with Him and I know that this is the right place for my flesh to be submitted to God.

This time is straining for me, and I am willing to surrender my life to Him so I can be a man according to His word.

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