Anallely Gómez López

29 years old

Veracruz Oaxaca

At the age of 23 I went through a time of depression; however, I was called by Him since I was a teenager. Deciding to serve Him was the best decision I ever made. He healed my heart and those hard times I went through helped me to rely and trust on Him even more. Currently I find myself restored and exited to do His will and invest time to serve Him.

I came here, even though I have a lot of work, knowing that I need a time to just focus on Him. The life style I had requires a cleansing in my mind, soul and body and coming here allows Him to work on me. After this process I want fruit in my life, I want to be satisfied with my person (that is His person operating through me). I really want to be a support to my pastors and my church.

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