Andrés Lucero Esinoza

36 years old

Puebla, Puebla

I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the year 1997 and the oncology specialists did not want to do the surgery because according their diagnosis there there were many tumors and they only accepted under my parents’ responsibility; our surprise was that when they did the surgery, they did not find the tumors, the doctors were amazed.

My parents repented and surrendered to God during my restoration, and asked God to give me life, they remembered when they went to abort a baby with 5 months of gestation and confessed and repented that.

Through that sickness, being in the hospital and going back and forth, we preached to hundreds of people and they accepted the Lord and 90% of our family are believers now, grandpas, uncles, cousins, nephews…

Thanks to God He gave me the privilege to be a successful businessman and belong to Hospitals ministries, being a witness to thousands of people being healed and saved, but overall I thank the Lord because for many years I have been inconsistent and unfaithful He restored me and gave me the desire to serve Him full time together with my wife and sons.

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