Carmelita Valverde Diaz

During my childhood I experienced failure in my parents’ marriage. And the same pattern was repeated in my life, was married for 22 years, in which there was infidelity on both sides. When my ex-husband discovered my infidelity, killed my lover. My children were affected because his father was in prison, once divorced, I just started writing screenplays and working as a film producer Mexican cinema.

I lived a life of debauchery, having multiple partners, even with a woman. I saw the same pattern was repeated in the life of my son, tucked into the vices and failing in their marriages. In 2016 I moved to the United States, but two years ago I started to read psalms, but was not yet saved, had practiced witchcraft. One of my sisters Who Was Christian, Taught me how to pray. And felt the need to buy a Bible, this caused me to accept Christ. Two months after my son surrender to God. Once i was sick and was hospitalized, almost infarcted. But I prayed and declared health in my body, and when studies were done, my heart appeared completely healthy and clean, God is the one who did it.

I have seen God restoring my life, and my children´s. He is using me to share the power and mercy of God with others. This is why I came here, to be trained, and strengthen my biblical and theological knowledge to serve God and fulfill his purpose in my life.

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