Diana Laura Moreno Ciavel

18 years old

Acapulco, Guerrero

Before knowing Christ, my life was disordered and empty, I was a cold person with no mercy with anyone. I neither honored my parents nor my grandparents, I was either outside or in my bathroom, but never spent time with my family.

One time I went to church with my mother because she wanted me to meet the Roca Blanca High School´s principals, because she wanted me to come here so I could change my way of being….

I have many reasons why I came here, but some of them are relevant. One of them is to get to know God in a deeply relationship. I want to give my whole life to Him and to be transformed by His power and grace, I want to be a woman according to His heart. While I will be here I want to be trained to do things well and give Him Excellency.

I know that receiving from Him requires to give to His people, this is also another purpose I have, to mature spiritually and serve at my church and be a supporter to my pastors and leaders.

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