Dora Guitiérrez Villanueva

62 years old

Carmen, Campeche

Before knowing Christ I was Catholic, but I still felt my life didn’t make sense. Being divorced and with 2 kids and 3 grandchildren, but without Christ my life was a disaster. I looked for God in different places and people, but could never find Him. One day, I was reading the Bible and a verse in it made my heart stop.
On December 31st I was walking around thinking about how many people who I trusted had failed me, and suddenly I found a church and went in, the pastor was there preparing the place for the dinner that night, and he prayed for me and invited me for the night, of course I attended and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

A few years ago a desire and love for missions was born in me, and every time I had a chance I supported my church by going to missions. However, God is a Lord of Excellency, and that is what I want to give Him, an excellent service. This is why I came here, to get the foundation and preparation in order to give Him the best. My church is affiliated with Roca Blanca and this opened doors for me to come. I know that God´s plans are better than mine; therefore I am willing to do His will and not mine.

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