Estefania Cervantes Camacho

17 years old

Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

I accepted Christ when I was around 15 years old in 9th grade. I was a popular girl and had many friends, I was happy with everything I had; however when I needed someone, sadly no one was there for me. Deep within myself I was lacking love and attention. I had a boyfriend, he was special to me, but we broke up and my heart was broken. One night I was crying for him, and felt the love of someone else, when I turned around I saw a Bible, and I read it. It was Him that was calling me to His arms, He healed my heart and when I met His real love, nothing I ever know compared with Him, neither my friends nor being popular. My life changed completely.

During the time I will be here I want to have a deeper relationship with Him, and know and experience His love more and more. Learn it and then put it in practice. I want to put my life in His hands and let Him do with me whatever He wants and so develop all my potentials and talents. I want to love Him and be passionate for His presence.

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