Fidel Almanza Yañez

For more than 15 years I have been working as a radio announcer, and I organized huge events among many other activities. I have been married for 15 years and we have two kids. God came into my life during a hard time, when I was fired from my job and was discouraged. My wife invited me to a cell group, and later on they invited us to a church, which we attended. It was there when I, for the first time, felt God’s presence. The pastor talked about my life, without knowing me, and everything he said was directly to me.

God’s presence was so real, it was like a fire burning me inside. The next day, someone called me to offer me a new job. Obviously, it was God. The new job brought us to live in Puerto Escondido, everything was going well. One day God prophesied to me and told me that I needed to rely on and trust only Him. I was fired again, but this time I got closer to God, I also got sick from a mosquito virus, when my wife prayed and declared life in me, He healed me. God came into our lives to show us how important it is to trust in Him with all our hearts.

Now we only want to serve Him, now we have a radio via internet, and over the past year we have seen how He uses our voice to talk about Him and share His gospel. He rescued me from violence, alcohol and other addictions. This is why I want to learn about the foundations in order to serve Him in a better way.

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