Nelson Gutierrez Alvis

28 years old

Barranquilla, Colombia

I was born in Barranquilla Colombia, my wife and I have lived in Queretaro for 2 years. I heard about Roca Blanca through a tough situation I was going through and the person who was helping me told me about this Base. Before getting married I had a sinful style of life, and when I married I could not get over it, this brought me many problems with me wife. When I realize that I needed help to overcome this challenge, I decided to come to the Bible institute for help.

I had the privilege to come a month before starting classes, even though I did not know anyone here. During this month, God started a process in my life, restoring my heart and showing me the wonderful things He has for me.

The reason I am here is to give my life to Jesus, because I cannot keep going on my own. I lost everything and now that I know Him I want to be the instrument He will use to save my family.

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