Olivia Muños Alonso

17 years old

Ometepec, Guerrero

Since I was girl I attended to church, but I only did it because my mom and sisters did it. As I was growing and becoming a teenager I got away from God, but I always wanted to come back to Him, one day someone from the church told me that my Dad was still waiting for me. When I went to a church, I asked Him to forgive me and invited Him to come into my life and rule over it. When I heard that God will always be with me, I got more in love with Him. I was baptized a few months after I had that encounter with the Lord.

When I experienced the Holy Spirit´s baptize my life changed completely, He gave me new name and an identity. I came here because I want to have a deeper and personal relationship with Him. I want to be equipped to be an instrument to expand His kingdom.

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