Raymundo Pineda Machura

29 years old

Ajalpan, Puebla

I accepted the Lord into my heart 15 years ago more or less, but I never had a desire to get more into His ways and service. It was 3 years ago that this desire started and I tried on my own to serve Him. I want to serve Him with boldness and I know that this is my time, this is the year where I am going to be that instrument that He is looking for.

I came here in order to be ready and well prepared to be the light of this world. I know that this is the right place to be trained, I had the opportunity to be here before and know that this Base has fruit. I don’t want only to try a little bit, but to submerge myself in His river. I will let His Holy Spirit guide me and go over the barriers that are in my mind.

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