Luis from Casa Hogar

Hello.  My name is Luis, and I am 16 years old.  I have lived in the New Day Children’s Home for 6 years.  I came here with my other three sisters when my biological mother could no longer care for us.  A little over two years ago my mother passed away. 

In this Home I have had many beautiful experiences, such as being able to visit incredible places on vacation and being able to become family with the other members of the Home.  Getting to that place of family was a long process, but I don’t regret opening my heart to others.  The treatment that I have received during this time is not like that of any other child, but the treatment has been like that of a son of the leaders of the Home, and as of a brother from the other children.  We always try to respect the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you would want to be treated”. 

The New Day Home has not only helped me grow in the academic area of my life, but also spiritually.  My parents, the leaders of the Home, have been my mentors in the Word of God.  They have helped us find our identity as Children of God.  The work that they have done is honorable.

Sponsor a Child

The New Day Children’s Home provides a family atmosphere, Christian education, clothing, food and the love of the Heavenly Father to each child.  It costs us $280 dollars a month per child.  Click on the Donate Now button and help sponsor a child.

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