Fountain of Grace is a weekly practical hands-on training for second and third year Bible School students, working with staff members. The training is in the areas of deliverance, inner healing, physical healing, and the working of miracles, which is the original calling of Jesus (Mat. 10:1). We began every Monday three years ago with fasting, prayer, and teaching of the Word on healing and deliverance.

Each Tuesday the people come. Every person must register and to date over 5000 people have been ministered to! Some come traveling for many hours. Once a charted bus full of people came from Mexico City, a 15-hour drive! Tears come to my eyes as I write this to you. Weekly, I am seeing third year students casting out demons, laying hands on the sick and the sick recovering.

We are witnessing a fresh Glory! We are considering how to adjust the schedule, adding another day of ministry, for at times there have been up to 90 people waiting for ministry. We are building additional bathroom facilities and will buy a ministry tent because we have outgrown our prayer center facility.


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