La Boquilla Chicometepec, Oaxaca, is a village of African descendants. They received us, a student-led mission team from Roca Blanca, during the month of April. The work that we’re doing is to strengthen this mission that is in the process of becoming a church. It’s our conviction that God is sending us to bring His light to this people. (Rev 7:9)

The disciples expressed their experience as follows: “It was exciting to enter this town, and to see every person and family who welcomed us, and gave us fruit, cheese, food and water.”

The work we have done in La Boquilla has been more focused on adolescents, young people and children; we have also ministered to adults.  Among other activities, we implemented tutoring classes for adolescents and children, since the education they receive is not enough for them to learn to read, write or learn mathematics.

Our groups ranged from 14 children to 7 teenagers. During the classes we have made friends with them, which has allowed us to help them with inner healing. We have focused specifically on healing the wounds caused by abandonment, rejection, violence, and situations they face at home. With the help of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father, we bind up their wounds and bring them to meet their Creator.

We have had 2 Sunday services that have been very glorious, where the team enjoyed serving 30 people who attended. New people are beginning to attend! 

We are thankful to God that so far, we have had very good results!

Leading Worship in La Boquilla
Children in La Boquilla
Child playing a game in La Boquilla

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