Zone Pastors Abel & Sonia

Greetings from our beautiful state of Oaxaca. My name is Abel Riaño and I am one of nine Zone Pastors with the Misión Victoria Association of Churches (Roca Blanca Missions Base).  I want to testify to what God is doing in our local churches.

We feel that God is leading us to work in 3 areas: evangelism, discipleship, and shepherding. We are reaching children, adolescents, youth, married couples and raising up musicians in every local church.  This has been a great challenge! We soon realized that we needed to raise up zone leadership and local leadership teams in each church.

Recently we began to support a local church in Loma Bonita, Río Grande, Oaxaca. Unfortunately, it was abandoned by its pastor, leaving very few members in the church. We came in with Fountain of Grace healing ministry, Corban Clinic, and Bible School Students.  God began to restore that local church and now we have a local team that is being trained. The church has more than 50 children, 16 adolescents, 7 youth and 80 adult members! The land was recovered, and the church building was remodeled.  This is just one example of many churches that are being restored and are experiencing growth.  Praise God!

Two months ago, we were in the Lower Chatino area helping to form and train the zone leadership team. Last week we were doing the same work in the Lower Mixteco zone. We are very grateful to God for His faithfulness! We invite you to come and see for yourself the amazing work that God is doing in our local churches.

We still lack Sponsors for Disciples.  Click on SPONSOR A DISCIPLE and join with us in making disciples of all nations. 

Watch a Video of the Builders at the Base.


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