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A retired and successful pastor recently told us that if he had it to do all over again, he would concentrate much more on the youth. We are trying to follow that pattern here in Roca Blanca!

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The Multigrade School has been operating on the mission base for ten years, having been created in view of educating Base staff children, missionaries’ children, Spanish School students, children from our New Day Orphanage, and local Christian children. Every year we have 50+ students, our maximun number of students, from kindergarten through 12th grade. We’ve had two graduating classes so far, and among them are students from physician to physical therapist, teacher, and other valuable career studies.

Multigrade Student First Grade
Multigrade Kinder Class

For those who start young we use a Christian English curriculum, supplementing it with other Christian curriculum in Spanish for Mexican geography and history. For some older students we use a Christian curriculum in Spanish. All graduate with the necessary certification of their studies, some with a US diploma. Most graduate speaking English quite well, a great advantage for further studies and vocational possibilities.

International Multigrade Student

We are desperately hoping to expand our ability to receive more students next scholastic year by building a second story on our existing building. It’s a wearisome thing to have to tell parents who ache for their children that we can’t accept them because we have no room!

We have 1/4 ($15,000 USD) of the necessary funds ($60,000 USD) for building a second story before May when the rains will start.  If you believe in the preparation of children and young adults for life and eternity, would you consider making a gift as soon as possible.  Our sincere thanks for praying with us about this.

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