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Alejandro from CAMP

My name is Alejandro Meléndez.  I am from the city of Querétaro, and I am currently in the 3rd year of Music School, but how did I get here?

The story goes back approximately 4 years, when I took the university entrance exam, but I couldn’t study because of the pandemic. I was not living a “Christian” life, although many times I said I was.

There came a point where I couldn’t find meaning in life. God heard my inner cry. One day, in a live broadcast of our church, they talked about how a girl had “renewed” herself in a Bible School in Oaxaca. My parents made the decision to send my sister and I there. Having this abyss inside me, I accepted without excuse.

During the first year of Bible School, our vision about God changed radically. There was a lot of ignorance in us even having attended church since we were children.  I also reconciled with my sister with whom I had almost no relationship. I learned a lot of things; met new people and I saw something new: young people passionate about Jesus. I was also baptized in water and the Holy Spirit!

During this first year, I had a desire to go to Music School, and was contacted by the director at the end of the year. I had certain struggles about coming back or not, but in the end, I decided to enter Music School.

It was quite hard at first. Bible School wasn’t as demanding as this. Now I had to learn the Bible as well as learn about music. It also got more complicated when my sister stopped studying and stayed at home.

During these 3 years of Music School there were many unimaginable experiences, some good and others hard. One of the most difficult things for me was not having the necessary materials to be a musician. To begin with I don’t even have my own instrument, but I almost always had the opportunity to borrow one. I also didn’t have much money and needed to buy a laptop to produce music, but God is good, and I was able to get an amazing laptop almost for free!

It is important to mention that God met absolutely all my needs, using several people to achieve that task. I remember in my first year I only had about 3 changes of clothes, and then a person gave me several T-shirts. I have been given many things: shirts, pants, T-shirts, even money!

One of the most important provisions is my tuition. In my first year it was my mother giving everything for us, then my first and second year of Camp I was blessed to work to “pay” for my year (it was more symbolic than actual payment – in 2 months of vacation, it was not possible to raise all my tuition). And in my last year, my Pastor helped me by looking for people to raise two thirds of my tuition, while I paid one third.

God has been good to me and has never left me. He noticed someone worthless and made him His son, showing me wonderous things that I sincerely don’t deserve. Even though I’m away from my family, I’ve felt loved and special for much of this time! If you are being called to have such an adventure, trust Him – it will seem like you are alone many times, but the Holy Spirit will be there with you in every moment!

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