On September 13, 2021, we opened our arms to receive 105 disciples from all over Mexico to study in the Victory Training Center at Roca Blanca.

CAMP, Worship with Guitar, Discipleship

Every year lives are transformed by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit through the dorm pastors, teachers, Base staff, and YOU. Yes, YOU have a big part in what we do! It costs us $260 dollars per disciple per month. Because of the economy in Mexico, we only charge each disciple $160 dollars a month. We ask people like yourself to partner with us by sponsoring a disciple at $50 dollars a month for half sponsorship or $100 a month for full sponsorship.

When you sponsor a disciple, you receive letters from the disciple throughout the year reporting on what God is doing in and through their life. Your faith will be encouraged as you hear firsthand the transformation that the Holy Spirit does in their life and then what God does through their life. Every life they touch, you will touch as well! Currently, we need 68 new sponsors. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a disciple at $50 or $100 a month?  Click on the Sponsor a Disciple Button and become part of the team!

Listen to La Banda de Roca


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