The world agenda to teach children immorality and ungodliness has spread worldwide and has been introduced in Mexico as well. ​​The Alas Project (Proyecto Alas) works with local churches in indigenous villages that want to educate their own children by helping them start schools within their churches.

We began in 2020 when public schools were closed. To date, we have successfully started 30 schools, which are now providing close to 1500 K-12 children with a Christian Education. This incredible growth establishes Proyecto Alas as a strong network serving seven states across Mexico and Guatemala.

Oaxaca, Mexico is home to 46% of indigenous groups, the largest number in Latin America. In a region where chronic and generational poverty, child labor and marginalization are the norm, the 2020 pandemic brought even greater devastation with the closure of all public schools, affecting close to 33.2 million children (

The Good News:

By partnering with the churches established under Mission Victoria (Roca Blanca Missions in Mexico) and others, Proyecto Alas has already launched 30 new schools!

The impact on these vulnerable children, their families, communities, and churches has been incredible, and with 25 more schools launching in 2024, the excitement is building.

“In just 2 years after launching, we already have 75 students. We would not even have started a school if it wasn’t for the Alas Project.”  Pastors Arnulfo & Rebekah Rios (Nopala, Oaxaca, Mexico)

Proyecto Alas is developing a network of new schools (called educational centers in Mexico).

Proyecto Alas provides every school with one whole year of pre-launch preparation, during which all the church’s questions are answered and obstacles overcome; a complete student curriculum for the first two years; Starlink Satellite Internet; Robotics Kits; computer labs and Chrome books; and two years of ongoing teacher training and church assistance.

The churches provide the facilities, the teachers, and the classroom equipment. After two years, the schools are self-sustaining!

Text Books and Tablets
children studying

Project Alas Mission

“PA’s mission is to facilitate the positive transformation of indigenous and rural communities through a Christ-Centered education focused on manifesting the love of God, a genuine and unbiased interest towards every human being, and an active engagement in improving their communities.”

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