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In this second week of missions, we began to work with the churches that make up the Pinotepa region, which is pastored by the zone pastor, Amílcar.

We went to the town of Tulixtlahuaca. We went to evangelize house by house and to invite all the young people and adolescents to attend the meeting that we were going to have in the afternoon. It was a very beautiful time where we know that the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of the children.

The next day, we continued evangelizing house by house, and in the afternoon, we had a children’s event where the whole team dressed up as clowns. Together with the children, we began to sing praise to God, then Camila gave the message of salvation. It was a very beautiful time since several children received Jesus in their hearts.  Later in the evening we had a general service where we presented the grace of God and had a time of ministry where many people were touched by the Holy Spirit. We prayed for some brothers who were sick and in faith they received their healing, and there were broken hearts that found peace in God. That same night, in the house where we were staying, we had a time of intercession and spiritual warfare where together with the pastor, and his wife we anointed the house. The owner had previously consulted with sorcerers, and they had made moorings and buried them within the walls of the house. We dug up those moorings from the walls and burned them. That’s where all the enemy’s work was undone.

On Friday we had another children’s event, but this time in a neighborhood called Freedom Towers. About 30 children attended. We played, danced, praised God, and the message of salvation was shared through a clown drama and some children received Jesus in their hearts.

Saturday, we went to Mechoacan. We attended the church called Spring of Living Water. When we arrived, we went out to evangelize house by house in groups of three. 5 people received Jesus in their hearts, we saw people confessing their sins, we prayed for the sick, and people forgave others who had hurt them in their past.  It was another very beautiful day where God manifested Himself in the lives of many people.

In the afternoon we had another activity in the social hall. We presented two dramas, one called “There is a way out” and the other “Two loves”. Both deal with situations that we daily go through and sometimes think that there is no way out, but we present Jesus as the way out and the solution to the different adversities that happen in our lives.

We thank God so much for all that He allowed us to do this week and may all the glory and honor be to Him alone, because He is worthy of all honor.

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