1. Victory High School has an increase in enrollment and a need for more dorm space for next year to accommodate the new incoming class. We are currently remodeling rooms in the white house to serve as girls dorm rooms for the discipleship High School program. Cost is $7,500.  We still need $4,820 dollars.
  2. Pray for the general finances of the Mission Base. We need 35 more Student Sponsors.  Student Sponsors not only help pay the disciple’s tuition, but they also ensure that that our dedicated staff members are compensated.
  3. Please pray for the graduation on July 5, that each disciple graduating will be sent to their area of service, either their local church or a new church plant.
  4. For the Zone Pastors: pray for their families, health, vision and blessing upon their lives. Some of the Zone Pastors are up in years and need to transition their responsibilities to the next generation. Pray for wisdom, grace and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this process.
  5. Pray for the continued process of transition in the legal department from our original lawyer, Rocio Dominguez to the next generation (and her student) Rigo Perez. Pray for grace, wisdom and understanding.
  6. Pray for the opening of a new road to the beach from the town of Cacalote, so that traffic doesn’t have to go through the middle of the Base to get to the beach. Pray for peace and understanding with the local community.
  7. Pray that the Lord would give our founder Duane Kershner grace to complete the vision the Lord has put in his heart.


  1. We are thankful for all the Holy Sprit did through the disciples during this last month in missions! All teams returned without problems to the Base with powerful testimonies for their last semester of classes.
  2. We are thankful for the continued health of our pastor and founder Duane Kershner.
Prayer Fountain

Phase 1 of the High School Project is remodeling current rooms in the white house for more dorm space.  Would consider giving towards the $4,820. dollars still needed? Victory High School is changing adolescent’s lives and you can be apart of it!


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