In 2020, Roca Blanca witnessed the first Multigrade High School graduation.   Two of those graduates, Grace and Abdias, give their testimony of what the Multigrade School experience has done for them.  They are both currently studying college.

Grace in Multigrade School

Hello! My name is Grace Janeth Hernandez Gonzalez. I’m a medical student from Cacalote, Mexico.

I studied at the Multigrade School and I’m part of the first generation that graduated from High School in 2020.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have studied at this school because one of the biggest accomplishments that I did during this time of school was to learn English, which has been a great blessing for me.

Grace studying Medicine

Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a doctor and serve God through mission trips on the medical field.  I observed and was influenced by the medical teams that came every year to the Corban Clinic.  I always wanted to serve like they do and because I learned English, I had the opportunity to go as translator for many of those teams, and I found out that I really enjoy it.  In that way, God confirmed to me the dream to become a doctor and that’s why I started this new chapter in my life. Now I’m studying in a city about 6 hours from my home, and even through it gets hard sometimes, I enjoy being prepared to serve God and people through this career.

I will always be thankful with the Mission Base and the ministries of the Multigrade School and the Corban Clinic, which I had the opportunity to be involved with.  I’m sure many other people are grateful as well.


My name is Abdias Rodriguez.  I’m writing from the Roca Blanca Mission Base.  I hope you and your family are well, and your work is blessed.

I am a 2020 graduate of the Multigrade School in Roca Blanca.  One of the best tools that Multigrade gave me is the ability to express myself in English, which is my second language.  That, along with the spiritual training I received at Multigrade has been helping me the most in college right now.  I always wondered as a child why I needed so much spiritual guidance in school.  None of that was going to be useful for me in college, or so I thought.  But now, I am receiving a lot of teaching and knowledge from teachers and philosophers of the world, and I’m very grateful to God for preparing me for this kind of thing so that I don’t get confused.  I am certain that he is the One guiding me and that He is and will be using all the things I learned in Multigrade to help me in this moment of my life.

Right now, I’m being trained to be a teacher and I absolutely love it.  I am thankful to God for this amazing opportunity, and I will use everything I learn for His Glory.  I also have been working in Multigrade as a supervisor for the Junior High and High School levels.  The Lord is training me as well to spread His Word in the educational world – that’s my mission!

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