Amigo Club Partners

Helping make the vision happen!

Become an Amigo Club Partner -

In Spanish “Amigo” means friend. In John 15:15 Jesus said to His disciples, “I have called you friends.”   When you become part of the Amigo Club you become an important “friend” of the Roca Blanca Missions Base (RBMB) and the mission of reaching the people of Oaxaca, Mexico and beyond!

There are different levels of partnership you can choose from, pick the one that fits you best. Every level of partnership is vitally important. It takes everyone doing their part.  The consistent and faithful support of all the Amigo Club Partners helps pay for school costs, curriculum, supplies, books, teachers, support for our network of churches, and the maintenance cost for the base.

Become an Amigo Club Partner today and you will be part of something bigger for God.  Just click on one of the links below and complete the online giving form.   Your partnership helps fulfill the great commission.  We are grateful for your friendship and partnership.   Together with God’s help we can make a huge difference for the Kingdom of God.

Some of the areas of ministry the Amigo Club Partners help make happen…

Elementary school

Casa Hogar - children's home

Bible School - class

Corbin Medical Clinic

Oaxaca village outreaches

Children outreaches

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