Student Practicum

Part of the Victory Bible Institute experience involves a designated time of practicum, forming part of several church planting teams that reach new villages and ares each year.

The students already use their new gained knowledge every weekend in their own villages or in an existing church chosen for them by the Bible school staff. But this practicum is to start new churches, bringing more people to a saving knowledge of Christ in still unreached areas under the supervision of second year students and staff.

Let’s join our prayers with their petitions to God for His anointing and subsequent fruitfulness in their ministry.

Here is a recent example, short video of a newly formed team going out to a town with no church, Sola de Vega. At least it didn’t have a church! Now there is a new young group meeting, studying God’s word, and worshiping together. A new Christian from Sola de Vega has even come to study in the Bible school already!


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