Becoming a “Sponsor a Student” partner is a very special and unique way to be a part of the vision of Roca Blanca Missions Base. At the heart of the mission of the base is the discipleship and training of students. We have many different areas of ministry that impact the people of Oaxaca and beyond, but the training and sending out of our graduates to plant churches and evangelize the people of Oaxaca and beyond is powerful. It cost about $260/month to train a student. This covers room and board, teacher salaries, supplies, and other costs. The student pays $160 dollars.  We ask you to partner with the student at a level that works for you and help change a life, change a nation, and change the world.

As a “Sponsor a Student Partner”  you will receive very special updates on our schools including student testimonies. We are very grateful for those who invest in the lives of these students.  Your partnership and support has an eternal impact on a nation and the world.  You are helping fulfill the great commission and storing up treasure in your heavenly account.  (Matthew 6:19)

COMING SOON - stories of graduates

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