This video from 2016 highlights the varied ministries that operate at Roca Blanca Mission Base. We invite you to participate with us!

Here’s a general overview from 2016 of the Roca Blanca Mission Base ministry. Enjoy!

Here’s a report (2014) and overview of the varied ministries of the Roca Blanca Mission Base with a special emphasis on the many schools here. See the beautiful mixture of quality education and culture!


Here’s a word of thanks from 2012 for all those who have supported the ministry of the Roca Blanca Mission Base, with a special emphasis on the generations of Bible school students.


For beach lovers, here’s one of the Pacific coastline, the sound of breaking waves, and the back view of the Roca Blanca Mission Base white house (used for staff housing and elementary school) and the guest house (Mission Inn).


There are some videos specific to and embedded in other pages on this site. Feel free to take a look!

The Bible students students do an annual practicum, starting and aiding in the work of new churches. Take a look at some of their activities!

We’re pleased to show you the process and highlights of our 2016 Family Conference! Come join us next year!

This video clip from 2011 begins with the scripture reading of Matthew 24.14 in a Chatino dialect, and then tells the story of the beginnings of the Roca Blanca Mission Base.


Here is a greeting and praise report by Duane and Sue Kershner, founders and directors of the Roca Blanca Mission Base, from 2011 or 2012. God’s goodness is evident to us here over and over again.


This video gives a good overview of short term teams, what they do, and the great blessing that they are to us to help achieve our goals of evangelizing, giving aid to, and in essence bring Christ’s life to them!


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