To give by check, money order, or Bill Pay, send to:

Roca Blanca Missions
PO Box 1101
Hutchinson, Kansas  67504-1101

Checks MUST be made out to Roca Blanca Missions or Victory Latin American Outreach and then on the memo or account line, put the person or project you are donating to.

It’s easy to give Online. You can give by PayPal by clicking the “Give by PayPal” button or give by using your credit card by clicking the “Give by Credit Card” button and complete the donation information on the online giving form.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes.  Gifts to the Roca Blanca Mission Base go through Victory Latin American Outreach, Inc. a United States 501c3 corporation. You will receive a receipt for your donation.

Can I designate where my gift is spent?
Yes – when completing the online giving form just indicated on the “purpose” line the area you are giving towards or for. You can use the “description” area to explain any special instructions.

While this ministry’s intent is to use all designated gifts for the specific purposes and projects designated, the final authority for the use of all gifts to the church rests with the Financial Advisory Council. In exceptional circumstances where the designated purposes are not longer feasible, or has been completed, or for other good cause, the Financial Advisory Council may redirect such gifts to other appropriate ministries or projects, retaining to the extent deemed feasible, the basic original purpose of the designation.

Can I sign up for recurring giving?
Yes.  Just click on the recurring giving button and select the amount that works best for you and complete the online giving form. For Sponsor a Student Partners and Amigo Partners you can select the level of partnership that you want and complete the online giving form.  This will sign you up for recurring giving for that amount.
  1. Click on the Give by PayPal button
  2. Type in the amount you want to give.
  3. Choose where you want your funds to be designated from the drop-down list. If you don’t find your person or project on the list, click on “other”.
  4. If you would like to help off-set the PayPal processing fee for your donation, click on that box.
  5. If you want your gift to be a monthly donation, click on “make this a monthly donation”. Monthly donations help us with increased revenue and make it easy for you to become part of our community and not have to worry about giving every month.
  6. Click “Donate with PayPal”
  7. If you need to designate your gift or write a note to the person or project leader, you can designate your gift in the “write a note” space.
  8. Click “Donate Now” when you’re finished!
Give By Credit Card Button
  1. Click on the Give by Credit Card button
  2. Create your Servant Keeper Giving account to make it easy and safe to give next time.
  3. Choose the fund or funds where you want your gift to go and type in the amount(s).  If you don’t find your person or project on the list, click on “other” and in the comment box write the name of the person, project or department you want to designate your gift to.
  4. If you want your gift to be a monthly donation, click on “recurring gift”. Recurring gifts help us with increased revenue and make it easy for you to become part of our community and not have to worry about giving every month.
  5. If you would like to help off-set the  Credit Card processing fee for your donation, click on that box.
  6. When you are finished, click “Give” and you’re finished!

Sponsor a Disciple Partner

Becoming a “Sponsor a Disciple” partner is a very special and unique way to be a part of the vision of Roca Blanca Missions Base.  At the heart of the mission of the base is the training of disciples. We have many different areas of ministry that impact the people of Oaxaca and beyond, but the training and sending out our graduates to plant churches and evangelize the people of Oaxaca and beyond is powerful.  We accomplish this through the three-year Bible School and three-year Worship School.  It cost about $250/month to train a disciple.  We only charge the disciple $150 dollars a month and ask people of vision and faith to help cover the other $100 a month.  You can help change a life, change a nation, and change the world.

Amigo Club Partner

One of the ways you can be a part of the vision of the Roca Blanca Mission Base is to become an “Amigo Club Partner“. In Spanish “Amigo” means friend. In John 15:15 Jesus said to His disciples, “I have called you friends.”   When you become part of the Amigo Club you become an important “friend” of the RBMB and the mission of reaching the people of Oaxaca, Mexico and beyond!  The Amigo Club Partnership is $40 a month – about $1.33 dollars a day.  Amigos help pay for electric, food and salaries for the Base.  It takes everyone doing their part.   We are grateful for your friendship and partnership.   Together with God’s help we can make a huge difference for the Kingdom of God.

Children's Home

We currently have 14 children in our home, with room for 24 children.  We provide a family atmosphere, education, food, and housing for these children.  We support them as any other family would support their children until they are productive members of society.  We have one young lady that is in college studying to be a doctor, and others moving into useful vocations and trades.  It costs us $280 dollars a month per child.

Trade School

We are planning to start construction on a new Business and Learning Center that will house much needed classrooms for the Base as well as a Commercial Kitchen, Restaurant / Gift shop, Sewing Center, Hair / Nail Salon, and a Multimedia Center.  The total cost is $227,720 dollars.  We are working with our local churches to raise $34,320 dollars and we already have some funds in hand.  We need your help in raising $128,400 dollars.

Support a Missionary

Roca Blanca is blessed to have various missionaries that work with the Mission Base.  Each missionary couple raises their own support and would appreciate your gift. 

Duane & Sue Kershner: Founders and directors of the Mission Base.

David & Laura Nelson: David is the founder and director of the Spanish Language School.  Laura is the founder and director of Corbin Medical Ministry.

Charles & Eli Norton: Directors of the State-side office in Hutchinson, Kansas and missionaries with Roca Blanca since 1993.

Ben & Hannah Clark: Directors of Short Term Teams.  Hannah is a teacher in the Spanish School and Ben teaches in Multigrade School and Trade School.

Steve & Laraine Roberts: Directors of the Trade School.

Check out these blogs:  David & Laura Nelson, Ben & Hannah Clark.


If you don’t find the department, project, or person that you would like to support, you can choose “other”. After you hit the donate button (through PayPal or your own credit card) there will appear under the dollar amount a “write a note” option where you can designate where your funds go, or write a note to the person.

Duane and Sue Kershner, Roca Blanca Missions Base

Duane and Sue Kershner, Founders

Thank you for being part of the great commission by sowing into the mission of the Roca Blanca Missions Base! Your gift makes the difference.  It helps provide the resources to train and disciple students in all of our schools.  It helps support the  over 70 church plants and their pastors throughout Oaxaca, Mexico.  It helps bring salvation, healing, and hope to thousands upon thousands of people in Oaxaca, Mexico and beyond.  We pray for your seeds to be multiplied back to you in the very way you need it.

Again thank you!

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