Corban Clinic Expansion

Over the last few years a concentrated effort has been made to construct another building to expand the ministry and resources of the Corban Clinic. First land adjacent to the present Clinic building had to be purchased and prepared. Then the interaction of medical personnel that often works with us to have enerything in the Clinic that these physicians and nurses will need, i.e., what kinds of rooms and spaces for consultations, storage, lab equipment, etc.  Then plans to be drawn up, all the while sowing the vision and encouraging others to invest in this project. Finally the foundation was laid and the first floor construction began.

Here is a recent blog entry from Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness from upperstate New York, who have been the primary visionaries and movers in this project. “We are 90% of the way to being able to occupy the clinic and serve the community and the outreaches. Still needed are doors and windows, flooring and completion of mechanical infrastructure including sinks, toilets, lights, etc.  If you feel moved at this time to help bring this phase to completion with a donation, it would be very much appreciated!  If that is not possible for you now, we truly covet your prayers that funds will become available to do this.”

Please consider investing in the Clinic Expansion! Our capabilities and reach will grow substantially with its completion and equipping.

Here is a Corban Clinic specific link for a donation toward the Clinic expansion. God’s inimitable blessing to you and thank you!


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