This is our story and a story for medical personnel.  We (Mary Kay and Dave Ness) have been helping at the Corban Clinic in Oaxaca, Mexico since 2002. We are 81 years old and the work at the Clinic continues to grow. So far, we and one other couple who are a paramedic and respiratory therapist are the only ones spending several weeks or months at the Corban Clinic each year.

We had an active Family Medicine Practice in Honeoye Falls, NY, beginning in l974.  In 2002, the Holy Spirit called us to a short-term medical mission trip led by David Nelson.  That first year, God set his hooks into our hearts, and we have, with just two exceptions, come down here every year since.  We work as family doctors in the clinic and participate in outreaches to the mountain and coastal villages.  This mobile medical clinic is the point of God’s spear piercing many hearts that then accept Jesus as their Savior.  As part of our work here, we have participated in teaching community health workers from the villages.

Other things that draw us here are: we get to partake of a different culture; relate in a different language; escape the months of winter weather in upstate NY; see diseases we have only studied in medical textbooks; do minor surgeries; go bird watching and have morning coffee watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean!

We can spend so much time away from our home and family because our kids have families of their own. Two of their families have come to visit, to enjoy the beach and the culture, and have helped work with patients needing physical therapy evaluation, and voice lessons.  When we are here, we maintain contact through the internet and with “WhatsApp”.  We have a property in the US with a home, 6 apartments, and a medical office serving 10,000 patients.  We have an onsite property manager, and a list of trusted service providers. Almost all the invoices and payments are online, and the utilities automatically draw from our bank account.  Living costs in Mexico are less, and that helps offset travel expenses.  We also studied Spanish here at the Spanish School and are relatively competent to conduct consultations.

Drs. Dave & Mary Kay Ness
Doctors doing minor surgery.
Dr. Ness checking a child
Dr. Ness checking a child

This Could Be You!

A nursing school is being built in the new Trade School behind the clinic! It would be good for the function and growth of the clinic to have more medical providers willing to come visit and help for one or more months rather than just a week or two at a time.

We are writing this to state unequivocally that volunteering here has been the very best thing we could have done in our retirement years!  If your spouse is not medical, there are many other opportunities here, especially teaching in the K-12 schools on the Base, and in the Trade School.  If you are intrigued by the idea of volunteering in a medical setting and making a difference, reach out to Laura at to explore the possibilities firsthand. Taste and see the transformative power of serving Christ with compassion!

The Corban Medical Ministry shares the Gospel and the love of Christ to marginalized people.  Your donations help us go farther.

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