Trade School Cooking Class

As we continue to walk in the pathway that is before us, to carry out the plan and mission of the Roca Blanca Trade School, many steps and scope of the work seem to become clearer. What we could only see in part at the beginning is becoming more defined… and naturally, more comes into our vision that we will need to wait on for clarity. Complete dependence upon Christ as our Leader, would sum up how we are moving. And wow!!! … are we moving! It is so exciting to see the 92 students that we are training this year from our Victory Bible Institute in our 6 training workshops. These are; Welding, Carpentry, Sewing, Cooking, Handyman and Music. Each student receives 6 hours of training per week. Our training program is simple. Our first-year students receive the “Basics” (Theory, Measuring, Planning, Tool Knowledge, Material knowledge and basic hands-on knowledge). Our second-year students take their knowledge and now begin to practice it. Our third-year students work to perfect their practice and learn to earn money through their projects. There is a strong business focus during the third year. Also, we have a desire to help our students in the fourth year to implement business in their field of calling.

We are currently constructing a new facility which will help us add more trades to our training program. We have a desire to add medical training (nursing), cosmetology / barbering, electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, multimedia, business, and automotive. We are approximately 60% completed with this new building project. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to walk in the direction that our Savior is leading. We will continue to pray for you.

In the holes of His hands,

Steven and Laraine Roberts

Directors of the R.B.T.S

Trade School Sewing

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Watch a Video of the Builders at the Base.


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