To Make a Donation

If you want to give to Roca Blanca, but don’t know where you should give, consider giving to the General Support fund. This account covers everything from feeding our 200+ student body to making sure ends are met stateside.

The Roca Blanca Mission Base has made an impact on countless lives through ministries and humanitarian outreaches. Each year students graduate from the Bible School and enter their local churches as ministers, forsaking all to follow the call God has placed on their lives. These graduating students, as well as the new arrivals, see Roca Blanca as an oasis. It is a place of tranquility and support for them in their lives of rigorous ministry in the state of Oaxaca and other parts of the world. We invite you to support our ministry! We would be honored to have you partner with us in this Kingdom-building work.

Please note: Pay Pal provides a line to describe the nature of your gift. You may use this if you’d like. (For example, if you are making a monthly support gift for a Bible school or Music school student, please make note of this. For a more in depth look at what our specific needs are and ways to partner with us, please click on the “Get Involved” page above.

The constant ebb and flow of ministry opportunities here at Roca Blanca make it difficult for us to predict where and when funds will be needed. Major hurricanes and several floods have hit the Mission Base and surrounding region. Churches spring up over-night which require pastors and support. Drought may strike various regions at any time, leaving village wells dry and food supplies dwindling. The needs are significant and we’ve seen over and over God’s provision through well-timed gifts, often without the donors at the time having any idea how their generosity would perfectly meet an unanticipated need. Your support may come just in time for a specific and dramatic need, may help with day to day operations, or may be an added blessing during a time of harvest.

A few ongoing needs are listed below:

  • Student Sponsors  (at Victory Bible Institute and Music School) $100 / month
  • Pastor (studying at the Victory Bible Institute) Sponsors $300 / month
  • Victory Bible Institute interns working on base
  • Purchase of new and used equipment for grounds
  • Purchase of new and used medical / dental equipment
  • Assistance with building of new local churches (including church planting teams)
  • Assistance with new buildings and renovations at the Base
  • Assistance with general day to day Base expenses
  • Assistance with production and mailing of our newsletter

At the bottom of every page is a PayPal donate button for your convenience. Some of our ministries have their own websites, and a specific PayPal button for them. They’re noted on those ministry pages. Or you can write a check to our office in Kansas. The contact information to do so is at the Contact page above. Thank you for your support and generosity, thank you for giving to Kingdom work, and thank you for spreading of the good news through word and action by your gift.

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