We started our 11th school year of the Roca Blanca Multigrade School on Tuesday August 29, 2023, with a total of 65 students: 17 in kindergarten; 24 in elementary – two of them are from the Chatino and Mixteco indigenous groups in Oaxaca; 19 in junior high – three of them are from the Chatino and Amuzgo groups; 5 in High School, and a Staff of 13 facilitators. Five of our teachers are graduates from this school!

We use the Accelerated Christian Education program in all levels. This program has allowed us to educate, considering each student’s needs. We also teach physical education, music, art and Mexican history and geography, as part of the program.

Multigrade Girl Dancing

Along with the Trade school, we are planning on having workshops for junior high and high school students. They will get training in areas such as electricity, plumbing, carpentry, cooking, sewing and home economics.

We also have special tutoring for the students that have basic English and require a higher level to continue their academic program. This year we have two amazing helpers, Trinity, and Sean. They are helping us with one-on-one tutoring for kindergarten and elementary students.

Each year we also plan academic, family, and cultural activities. This year we started by celebrating our Mexican Independence Day with a parade!

We extend our gratitude to:
• Our Lord Jesus for His great faithfulness and love towards the multigrade school. For His continued economic, material, staff, and above all spiritual provision.
• To each of our supporters, for your generous heart and love for this mission base and each ministry in it, and for your constant prayers.
• For each one of the students, teachers, and families of the Multigrade school. It is not in vain that the Lord allows us to be a part of an educational community, founded under biblical principles.

Points of Prayer:
• We pray Jesus’ blood over students and families.
• Help us pray that we can be a safe place where kids can be educated, discipled, and healed. A place where the love of Jesus can be preached freely.
• Purchasing of a new playground and dining area for the elementary, junior high and high school students. So that the students can have their own area where they can play and rest during breaks.
• For the Purchase of an automobile that allows us to do errands for the school, like paperwork before the certification office, purchasing of materials for the everyday school needs, etc. We have saved $4,000 dollars. We are praying for $4,000 dollars more.

Mulitgrade Folk Dance

Watch how the Multigrade Students celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

Send Checks to:

Roca Blanca Missions 2228 Dover Drive Hutchinson, Kansas  67502

Be sure to put “Muligrade School” on the memo line.


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