Festival Victoria is a conference that brings students and families from throughout Mexico to the Roca Blanca Mission Base. These believers are hungry for the Word and come anticipating God to move in powerful ways. Each year, this event brings healing, blessing, and renewing of the mind.

The Festivals are a very special time for the attendee’s because many of them haven’t seen each other since the last festival, and there is so much caching up to do. Very late into the night, the many campsites throughout the base are bustling with laughter and intense conversation as friends and family discuss their lives, pray for each other and eat the delicious Festival food provided by our base workers or from the vendors that roll onto the base during the festivals.

This is a premiere event! Please inquire about the next scheduled Festival if you have any interest in attending. People of all ages, and walks of life are encouraged to participate and experience the move of God particular to this event. While staying on campus for this three day event, you’ll have access to carnival type food stands, other ministries that set up booths, and of course a top quality Guest House and staff to fulfill your needs.

Hundreds are baptized in the ocean nearby, having made their first profession of saving faith, or not having recognized the significance of water baptism beforehand. Joy and decision characterize these times, guitars playing and people singing songs of surrender and thanks for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and new life! Many are baptized in the Holy Spirit with subsequent worship and enabling to be His witnesses to their neighbors, family, and friends. Many will return to go to our Bible school, the goal being to carry their new found life in Christ to their own people group, and, Lord willing, to the nations beyond Mexico!

With the growth of churches and spiritual maturity many of our regions have begun to organize mini-festivals in their own dialects. The blessing of God has been evident, and many are coming to Christ, receiving from God in every imaginable way. Our previously annual Festival on the mission base will still be organized from time to time for the unity and benefit of all the Christ followers among us! We praise God for His manifest fruit.

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