A Spanish School teacher

No, Spanish is not spoken much in the 10/40 window. But what’s not commonly known is there are multiple unreached people groups in Spanish speaking countries, as well as openings in the much-talked-about 10/40 window for Spanish teachers!

Spanish is such a useful language, its speakers populating many of the world´s countries, and areas outside of the native countries! What differentiates the Spanish School at Roca Blanca from the hundreds or thousands of them all over the world are:

    1. Most of our students are missionaries, and all are Christ followers.
    2. The curriculum that we use, and methodology, is better than any I’ve seen or used since I began learning and teaching Spanish in three different countries over the last 50 years.
    3. We mix a great deal of Latin culture into our program, greatly enhancing the context and practical use of Spanish in ministry and for personal use.
    4. We’re located on the Roca Blanca Mission Base, which is an ideal location and ambience in which to learn and grow.
    5. All of our staff is highly motivated by the process, vision, and results that we see!

We’re in constant contact with many of our graduates, especially those working as missionaries in their various ministries in Latin America. The fruit of some of these able laborers is credibly incredible! We rejoice with those who are so beautifully and powerfully planting churches, like Joe and Amy in southern Mexico, Jim and Kari in Paraguay, to name a few. Others are leading or helping in other types of ministries, such as Sungjoo and Young Yee Ro, training the next generation of Mexican pastors and leaders through a bible seminary in Mexico, and Steve and Laraine, doing wonderful things in our Roca Blanca Trade School. There are many more, not only serving in Latin America, but also in their home countries, utilizing this beautiful language for the Kingdom of God, and with eternal purpose.

A Spanish School Student

You may see why we’re excited, and why we so value what we’re blessed to do, sowing into the harvest with our specific gifts!

We welcome you to investigate for yourselves rocamission.com/rocablancaspanish/

Spanish School Staff & Students

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