Steve & Laraine Roberts - Trade School

Roca Blanca Mission Base would like to present Steven and Laraine Roberts as the Trade School Directors.  Steve and Laraine are from a small town in Kansas and spent 8 months here in 2019 at the Roca Blanca Spanish Language School.  Steve held 3 Master Licenses in the state of Kansas – master electrician, master mechanical and master plumber. They ran an all-trade construction business in Kansas in which they attempted to evangelize, equip, and train young men through a work-based program. The Lord has called this couple here to fulfill the operation of the Trade School Training Program here at RBMB. Currently there are five programs operating: Driver’s Education, Carpentry, Welding & Fabrication, International Cooking, and Hand/Machine Sewing.

The Trade School vision, that was given almost 30 years ago as part of the original vision for the Roca Blanca Mission Base, is finally manefesting in these days. Currently, the building construction of the hands-on Industrial Training Center is complete! This Training Center houses three workshops, including a carpentry center, an automotive center, and a welding workshop. We are now in the process of constructing workstations, tool-storage, material-storage, and work-stands to fill these departments. We are also in the process, and in need of, filling our workshops with tools and equipment to teach our students with. Our carpentry center and automotive center have no full-time instructors, tools, or workstations to help us teach our students.

RBMB Trade School Driver's Ed
RBMB Trade School Driver's Ed2

The welding center is the furthest along in this process. We have a full-time welding instructor in position, to not only teach, but also operate this workshop as a fully functional business. We have already sold 3 to 4 jobs to outside clients that are bring sustainability to this portion of Trade School. The income from these jobs provides the salary for our instructor and helps cover over-head costs associated with the Trade School. This is exactly our intent!

Currently, we have students enrolled and attending classes in welding, carpentry, cooking, sewing and driver’s education. We are moving forward with what we have in our hands and in our heart and the students are learning!

The vision that the Lord has given to us here at Roca Blanca for Trade School includes three phases of facility construction. Phase 1 is drawing to a close, which is the Industrial Center. Phase 2 is the construction of a 300 sq. meter Bodega storage facility, to house and protect valuable equipment and also serve as an outdoor training center with an overhead canopy. This will eliminate the need to rent expensive tents to hold large meetings and training gatherings. This is currently under construction and is almost completed. Phase 3 will be the construction of a 900+ sq. meter Knowledge and Learning Center which will include 5 classrooms, 2 store-front businesses, a complete Cooking Training Center, and living quarters for the Trade School directors to provide oversight and security.

Please pray specifically in this direction for us here at Roca Blanca Trade School. We would love to have you become part of our team by supporting us in prayer and finances.

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  1. Dennis Stalk

    I attended the Roca Blanca Spanish School with Steve and Laraine Roberts and found them to be sincere and dedicated to God and His direction in their lives. I am amazed at the depth of their vision and the intensity of accomplishment since returning to Roca Blanca to initiate this great task. Their investment into this great ministry is worthy of our partnership and prayer. God bless this mighty work to the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • Charles Norton

      Thank you Dennis for your kind words and for your involvement here at Roca Blanca! Have a blessed New Year!

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