Roca Blanca Missions Base was started by Duane and Sue Kershner in 1990 in southern Mexico. It is now a prospering sanctuary of God’s presence, with a Medical and Dental clinic, Bible Institute, Music training school, Spanish language school, Orphanage, and Vocational school. We work with missions groups from all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico to impact the unreached people groups in the state of Oaxaca.

Below you’ll find news of God’s move among us here. We invite you to be a part!

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations (ethnos – ethnic group, tribe); and then shall the end come. Matthew 24.14
Jesus Christ

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My name is Marco Antonio Gaspar Villegas. I am 16 years old, and I come from San Pedro Mixtepec. I arrived at Casa Hogar with my sister when I was 8 and she was 6 years old.

Arriving at Casa Hogar was a bit difficult, due to all the changes. I was very used to always being in the streets and I didn’t have the stability of a home. Now I am more adapted to the rules of the house and being obedient. I learned to love and respect my authorities and family.

On a normal day each child has responsibilities before going to school. After breakfast I must fulfill my assigned area. Then I go to devotionals and come home after lunch to do schoolwork. Then I get ready to go to school from 1:00 to 8:00 pm. When I get home from school I rest for the next day. During my free time I enjoy playing drums, reading, and hanging out with my friends or family.

I am currently studying at “Victory High School”. I like it because it is a Christian school with values.  We have Bible studies and group activities. Sometimes it is complicated, but I thank God I have been able to continue with my studies.

After High School, I would like to study Bible School here in Roca Blanca for a year and then study in the Worship School, perfecting my knowledge on drums and learning even more about the art of music. I know that God has great plans for my life. I am grateful that He brought me to Casa Hogar and continues to restore my life and affirm me. I love the family that God has given me and the parents who take care of me, even though we are not of the same blood. To them I am their son, and they are my parents.

Marco studying

Children's Home Needs

We are so thankful to those that regularly support the New Day Children’s Home.  Due to prices continuing to climb and a much lower Dollar to Peso exchange rate, the Children’s Home has been struggling to make ends meet.  Would you prayerfully consider giving a one-time gift or being a regular supporter? Thank you!

It costs us $280 dollars a month for each child.  Your help is appreciated!

A FAMILY AFFAIR  by Tomas Barragán

A FAMILY AFFAIR by Tomas Barragán

We are the Barragán González family, and we want to tell you that God is training us as his disciples. We arrived with a very different mentality than we have now. We were religious and our marriage was about to be destroyed.

I had hurt my wife a lot and she was sick in her soul. I felt guilty and couldn’t forgive myself for all the damage I did to her, but we understood that Jesus was the only one who could restore our marriage. Both my wife and I have found it difficult to obey God and go through this healing process, but we testify that our marriage is new in Christ because it says in His word, “and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” We have found that knowing Christ and putting His truth into practice in our lives has set up free!

Parents studying together

We are serving in missions with our children, testifying that Jesus gives us a new life. We thank God so much for the lives of our children. On July 3, 2023, our son Jorge will graduate from Bible School and Oswaldo will graduate from Worship School.  Tomas Jr. will finish second year Bible School.  My wife and I will finish 1st year Bible School.

Parents smiling at one another.

It is the desire of our whole family to continue studying and extending the kingdom of God. We thank God for calling us together to do the works of Jesus. Our hearts are grateful that He called us to be here as a family. My wife and I are going to continue next year, discovering what our divine calling is. We believe our family has a pastoral calling and we are already seeing it in our children.


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Since the beginning of the medical ministry at Roca Blanca, we have had the vision for training local young people in health care.  We have trained numerous young people on the job here in the clinic, but we believe it is time for a formal nursing school!  We plan to use a large space offered to us by the Trade School in their new building that is under construction to develop a professional Nursing School and a Health Workshop for Bible School Students.


Nursing School

Purpose of the Nursing School:

  • To form professional nurses, with Christian foundations.
  • Use the nursing training to carry the Gospel to needy regions and communities.
  • For students to have the incentive of receiving professional registered nursing training to be able to work in the health profession.

To whom is this school directed:

  • Youth within the Misión Victoria Association of Churches who have completed high school and who have a call to serve God in health care.
  • Christian youth who come with a pastoral recommendation and a call to serve God.
Nursing School Project
Health Care Teaching #2

Health Workshop for Bible School Students

Purpose of the workshop:

  • To encourage good health care practices.
  • To form medical staff who are able to help in medical brigades and who can help in their communities with basic knowledge in taking vital signs, doing wound care, and application and administration of medicines.

To whom is this training directed?

  • To all Bible School students who desire to have a basic knowledge of health care and do not need a course with curricular value.

We would invite you to prayerfully consider participating with us in this vision by giving.

To complete this vision, we need to finish the construction of this area of the Trade School building.  The estimate is $50,000 US dollars to finish the basic construction. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in extending the Gospel through Medical Missions and Healthcare Education in southern Mexico!

You can send your checks to:

Roca Blanca Missions, 2228 Dover Dr., Hutchinson, KS 67502

Write in the Memo line “Nursing School”

Send Checks to:

Roca Blanca Missions
2228 Dover Drive
Hutchinson, Kansas  67502

Write in the Memo line “Nursing School”

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We are David & Esperanza and we are the directors of the Victory High School Discipleship Program.  We currently have 23 students who live at the Mission Base during the school year.  We currently have a long waiting list of youth to get in because people have realized that the students who come here not only grow academically but also grow in their relationship with God. Their commitment to God and their position as children of God is also affirmed.

We have 11 girls in the dorm and only room for 1 more. For next September we need to expand the girl’s dormitory to be able to receive 10 more girls.  If we enclose the porch on the girl’s dorm, we can safely put five more bunks and house 10 more girls. The cost is $17,000. dollars to be able to receive 10 more girls and give them hope of life and hope in Jesus. These girls will be a door to their generation and communities so that others can come to know about Jesus.

Victory High School Boy's Dorm
Victory High School Classroom

The current boy’s dorm only has room for 2 more boys, but we have another area which we can modify to safely house 10 more boys.  That space needs bunk beds.  Here at the Mission Base, we have a carpentry shop that can build the beds, but we need to buy the materials and pay for the remodeling of the space. The cost is $13,000. dollars to be able to receive 10 more boys in the dormitory.

To receive 23 more students next year, we also need to make important changes to our classrooms.  We also need a new library because the last one we had was damaged in a recent flood.  These changes will cost us $5,000. dollars.  The total project of girl’s dorm, boy’s dorm and classroom remodeling will cost $35,000. dollars. 

We know that God is doing something special here in Oaxaca and having your financial support will be one more blessing.

We are deeply thankful for your prayers and support of us.  We know that your prayers have sustained us over this last year. We bless you and hope to see you soon in the Roca Blanca Mission Base!

You can send your checks to:

Roca Blanca Missions, 2228 Dover Dr., Hutchinson, KS 67502

Write in the Memo line “Prepa”

Send Checks to:

Roca Blanca Missions
2228 Dover Drive
Hutchinson, Kansas  67502

Be sure to put “Victory High School” on the memo line.

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Doctor attending patient

Thank you to those who gave towards the Evangelistic Campaign in La Boquilla from April 13-15!  Santa María Chicometepec, (La Boquilla) is an Afro-Mexican town, which is located on the coast of the state of Oaxaca. One of the main objectives of the Roca Blanca Mission Base is to establish the Kingdom of God in the territories that the Lord has given to us. During these days the team from Fountain of Grace, Corban Medical Ministry, and the disciples of the CEV (Victoria Training Center) were working on different activities with a single objective – that people know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

On Thursday, April 13, the Corban clinic was providing free medical attention and at the same time the Fountain of Grace Team was ministering in the following areas of inner healing, liberation from oppression and physical healing. We also went out to evangelize and invite people for the nights of healings and miracles. In the evening we had our first night of healings and miracles. We had an attendance of approximately 50 people.

On Friday, April 14, we divided into 5 teams to go out to evangelize and invite to the nights of healings and miracles. 3 teams stayed in La Boquilla, one went to Morelos and another to Collantes, two Afro-Mexican communities very close to La Boquilla. During the second night approximately 65 people attended. God surprised us with a powerful move of the Holy Spirit and there were many physical healings, deliverances, and salvations!

Saturday, April 15, we repeated the same dynamic of going out to homes, but now, we were visiting the people who had received Jesus the night before or had received some healing or miracle. During the last night, God was manifesting his power in a supernatural way. During these days that we were working in La Boquilla, there were a total of 40 people that gave their lives to the Lord Jesus! It was very hard work from the entire team, but we saw the power of God manifested. These people live oppressed by generational curses, but light has come into their lives and the Kingdom of God is being established in a place where darkness had predominated for a long time.

Lady from La Boquilla, Oaxaca
Young lady receiving prayer

Give to support the La Boquilla Church plant team’s expenses and help harvest and disciple souls!

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GOD IS FAITHFUL! By Karen Lizette

GOD IS FAITHFUL! By Karen Lizette

Camp Students

My name is Karen Lizette Villarreal Flores, I am 28 years old. I was born in Mexico City and I am studying my third and last year at CAMP (House of Worship and Prophetic Music) at the Roca Blanca Mission Base. Like dew from heaven in the middle of a scorching desert heat, that’s how the last six months of my life have felt. I have reached what aeronautical pilots know as my “point of no return”. It hasn’t been easy at all, but anything worth so much usually is not. Today I want to tell you about a miracle. Something that God orchestrated in advance for me and that I have been living in recent years.

Camp Disciples 2023

Since I was a little girl there was a curiosity and a desire in my heart to learn music. Growing up and the ideas that other people had created of me and had placed on my life made that passion in my heart go out little by little. Over the years, circumstances plunged me into depression and alcoholism. Being a girl of only 18 years old, darkness filled my entire being. I thought I could never get out of there again. I felt trapped in a prison from where there would never be an escape and suddenly He arrived!  His word was fulfilled, light came into my life and darkness could not prevail. I had an encounter with the love of Jesus and my life was never the same again.

Eager to give my whole life to the Lord after he saved me, I applied to study at the Victory Bible Institute in 2014. I was accepted, but unfortunately, forced by circumstances, I had to return home. Years of disappointment, tears, sleepless nights, anxiety, and depression ensued after the above event. God was preparing my heart for something I didn’t know yet. Finally in 2019, I was able to go back to study something I always wanted, I was able to study in CAMP.

These three years have been a challenge in my life as I have had to remove structures that for years were imposed on my mind. I have cried, I have fought, I have nearly died, I have exhausted myself, but I have also known God in new ways. I have known him as my pastor, as a friend, as my father, and as my provider. After so much and with tears in my eyes, I can only say one thing, God has been faithful!

Listen to Manuel Sarabio
NEW CHURCH IN LA BOQUILLA – Roca Blanca Churches

NEW CHURCH IN LA BOQUILLA – Roca Blanca Churches

Children singing

My name is Alejandro Ramos, and I am a missionary in the community of La Boquilla Chicometepec. La Boquilla is a place of Afro-Mexican descent. For many years these people have suffered much captivity in all areas – physical, emotional, and spiritual. For many generations they have been living under the shadow of death.

We were sent to La Boquilla because it is in God’s heart to establish his kingdom and reveal salvation through Jesus Christ to this people. We are walking on the prophecy given by God that The Mission Base is the “South Gate” to Mexico.  Years ago, God put the state of Guerrero in the heart of Pastor Duane. La Boquilla is still in Oaxaca, but it is an Afro-Mexican town that can open other Afro-Mexican towns in the direction of Guerrero.

Praying for a lady

What we are doing at La Boquilla is evangelizing, discipling, and pastoring. We are working with children, adolescents, young people and couples and the vision is to raise a church led by the knowledge of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit.

We started visiting La Boquilla on April 7, 2022, and on March 5, 2023 we had our first Sunday meeting! We are working with 20 adults, 7 youth, 30 adolescents and 30 children. Now we are seeing how people are opening their hearts to the gospel and being transformed by the power of God!

You Can Participate

On April 13-15, Roca Blanca Missions with second year Bible School students, Fountain of Grace and the Corban Medical Ministry will be doing a three day Evangelistic Outreach in La Boquilla, Oaxaca with the Afro-Mexican communities around La Boquilla. During the day there will be free medical Outreach showing the love of Christ, praying for people and presenting the Gospel. In the evenings there will be Evangelistic Crusades with the preaching of the Gospel and praying for miracles and salvations. We will be using our new Tent and our own Audio system, but even so, the cost will be around $5,000. dollars. We already have $1,500! Will you prayerfully consider becoming part of the Harvesting Team and give towards the La Boquilla Evangelistic Campaign?

Playing with children

Give to the La Boquilla Evangelistic Campaign and help harvest souls!

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NOT A CHILD ANYMORE by Axel Vladimir Gallegos Maldonado – VBI 2

NOT A CHILD ANYMORE by Axel Vladimir Gallegos Maldonado – VBI 2

Student waving
Student leading worship

My name is Axel Vladimir Gallegos Maldonado. It is a pleasure to share what God has been doing in my life as I am in the second year of Bible School. I am 21 years old, and I arrived at the Roca Blanca Mission Base at the age of 16 in 2018 to study high school, and later study the Bible School.

This year has been a season of dependence on God in specific areas of my life, such as: character, emotions, habits, finances, and spiritual growth. In me is the decision to keep moving forward or stay stuck in what God has done in my life.

In the verse of Jeremiah 1:6-7 when God says to Jeremiah, “Do not say: I am a child”, God has spoken a lot to my heart. God no longer sees me as a child, but he has a holy assignment for my life and awaits my response. The second year of Bible School is to put aside our position as a child and walk more in maturity and is focused more intentionally on forming leadership in each disciple.

I have seen growth in my leadership. I oversee a gardening area at the Base and under my direction are three students. It is there where I see my progress, putting my leadership classes into practice and I can see what I should improve on, and what I should correct.

On mission weekends, I find myself leading a church youth group, and building a new worship team. Since there is no leadership body in the church, I have had the privilege of serving in every area. I can say that leadership is service, nothing more and nothing less than SERVICE.

I am serving in the Fountain of Grace ministry, a ministry on the Mission Base where every Tuesday people come to receive inner healing, physical healing, restoration, deliverance, and miracles. I have made a commitment to sanctify my life and leave things that do not contribute anything to me, and instead I have sought God more in prayer and fasting. At Fountain of Grace, I serve in the area of deliverance and inner healing and that increases my faith and my desire to seek more of God. I am a disciple hungry to do the will of God, so I do not separate myself from the intimate place.

I can look back and see the changes that God is making in my life, and it motivates me to continue in the fight, but it is something that without the beautiful help of the Holy Spirit I could not do. I would be nothing without him because that was my condition before coming to Jesus. But he brought me into abundant life!

We still have disciples like Axel who don’t have sponsors. It costs Roca Blanca $250 dollars a month to train each disciple.  Because of the poverty in southern Mexico, we only charge $150 dollars and look for generous people like yourself to make up the difference. Would you prayerfully consider becoming a Discipleship Partner at $50 or $100 dollars a month?

Students Fellowshipping

Click on DONATE – We count it a privilege when you co-labor with us in making disciples.

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YOUTH TRANSFORMATIONS! – Youth Discipleship Program

YOUTH TRANSFORMATIONS! – Youth Discipleship Program

Since the beginning of 2023 we have seen profound changes in the youth of the High School. Although it has only been a few months since they entered, their spiritual growth has been truly impressive. Although several of the kids come from Christian homes and are involved in their local churches, many of them did not have a relationship with God as they went to church out of habit or just to please their parents. At the beginning of this year, we began to work on inner healing. The focus has been on providing them with tools so that they take authority over their thoughts and emotions, surrendering their lives daily to Christ to heal the wounds of their past and develop healthy behaviors to sustain healthy relationships. And on top of that, they are advancing in their academic studies!

Although we could write many changes, the best are the testimonies of these young people in their own words, we asked them the following question, and these are some of their answers:

How has your life changed since you came to Youth Discipleship?

Youth worshipping on the beach
Students Worshipping

“Now, in worship, I feel that it is a special and unique time every day, and I enjoy it much more than before. Now each morning I look forward to the time to worship God.” – 16-year-old Chatina from Ixpantepec, State of Oaxaca

“When I arrived at the Base, I was a rude and violent boy, without friends, very fearful, and I didn’t know the Word of God. Now I am a child of God, I have an identity, God revealed his love to me, and I have an intimate relationship with God. During times of inner healing, God freed me and healed me of all pain, sadness, bitterness, crying, and now I live happily.” – 16-year-old from the State of Guerrero.

“Since I was little, I was very disgusted towards my body, and a lot of resentment towards my parents. I felt a lot of rejection from my father for not having been born a boy as he wanted. Now I know that my Father in heaven was looking forward to me and is happy that I was a girl. I forgave my dad and understood that I am a blessing. I forgave many people who hurt me and now I am enjoying a better relationship with my mother. Now I feel that God is with me even when I am praying alone, I feel his love and his help in me.” – 16-year-old from Puerto Escondido, State of Oaxaca

We still lack Sponsors for Disciples.  Click on SPONSOR A DISCIPLE and join with us in making disciples of all nations. 

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Trade School Carpentry Disciple
Trade School Sewing Disciples

We are now in the third year of the Roca Blanca Trade School. The Lord has given us vision and the grace to implement and instruct the following six workshops this school year to the more than 90 students: Carpentry, Welding, Handyman, Cooking, Sewing and Music. We can give each Bible School student 6 hours of training. This is a great beginning!

For the coming school year, we will be taking a different approach to our first-year program. Each student in first year Bible School will be required to choose 4 workshops. Each student will then receive 10 weeks of training in each of those workshops. This will let them taste 4 different areas of training and then in their second year they will be required to select one trade program in which they will be focused until they graduate, receiving 240 hours of training each year.  In the third year they will also receive training in business ethics and administration.

We are about 50% finished with the construction of the 9,000 square foot training facility! The projected cost of this new building is approximately $250,000 US dollars. This new space will allow us to offer students more trades, such as Nursing / Lab Technician, Auto Mechanics, Aluminum Window Door Manufacturing, Multimedia / Communications, Beauty (Hair / Nails), Horticulture, Business (Restaurant / Gift shop), Driver Education, and English as a Second Language. We have seen small setbacks in this project as the Mexican workforce has left this area of Oaxaca in search of a better financial future in the US. Also, the introduction of the US dollar into this coastal region has made building materials more expensive, which caused our initial projections to be inaccurate. We are continuing to trust the Lord to complete the work that He has called us to do.

We have been given a long-term vision to begin a two-year, full-time vocational program with a secondary focus in discipleship. We can clearly see that not every body member is called to be a Pastor or Worship leader. Most of the Christian body is just solid Christians that support the work of advancing the name of Christ to the ends of the earth. Our pool of students will come from the Churches. In order for this to come to fruition, we will need more housing facilities here at the Mission Base, not only for students, but also our instructors.

Trade School Construction

You Can Give Your 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes!

If you have skills that you could teach in the Trade School to benefit the rising generation of ministers, contact Ben & Hannah Clark (Short Term Missions Directors) at or Steve Roberts (Trade School Director) at

Your tax deductable gift can help train a Bible School student in a stustainable trade. 

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