Roca Blanca Missions Base was started by Duane and Sue Kershner in 1990 in southern Mexico. It is now a prospering sanctuary of God’s presence, with a Medical and Dental clinic, Bible Institute, Music training school, Spanish language school, Orphanage, and Vocational school. We work with missions groups from all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico to impact the unreached people groups in the state of Oaxaca.

Below you’ll find news of God’s move among us here. We invite you to be a part!

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations (ethnos – ethnic group, tribe); and then shall the end come. Matthew 24.14
Jesus Christ

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A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME – by Duane and Sue Kershner and Judi Tabler

A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME – by Duane and Sue Kershner and Judi Tabler

Finally published on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other major book distributers, “A People For His Name” tells the long-awaited testimony of the founder of the Roca Blanca Mission Base.  As you read, you will be enthralled in the incredible journey of how God saved Duane Kershner and called him to Mexico.

Duane's Tent

This book is a fascinating testimony that reveals the reality of the real war, the spiritual battle raging between the two kingdoms – the kingdom of this world with the powers of the occult attempting to establish the son of Satan as ruler over “The New World Order” versus the eternal King Jesus Christ and his kingdom, which will manifest at his second coming and fill the entire earth.  This is the battle, the real one that affects every person that has ever lived on this planet.

In 1967, Duane Kershner was abruptly interrupted while working his way through architectural studies.  He was drafted into the US army and sent to Vietnam.  After the war, disoriented and disillusioned, he went “south,” leaving the United States in search for truth, if there was one.  His intense search eventually led him to enroll in an international university in Mexico City.

Unknown by Duane, the university had been infiltrated by Satanists who were recruiting for the “New World Order.”  Blind to what was happening, Duane was gradually being trapped and prepared for a Black Sabbath Mass where the Satanists would attempt to bring him “across the line” and into the ranks of Satan.  He narrowly escaped from the satanic ritual, but the Satanists did not give up easily.

Duane was brought face-to-face with death.  Seconds before his soul would have passed through the eternal gates of hell, he called for the blood of Jesus.  Jesus miraculously caught his descending soul, brought it back to his body, and saved him from hell.  The power and glory of God began to fill every cell of his body.  He was healed, delivered from the grips of Satan, and called into the army of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After an intense time of training, he was commissioned by the Holy Spirit with the mission of taking the truth of Jesus Christ to the unreached indigenous tribes of Southern Mexico.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing.

Cata and Polo

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Diana Crystel

I would like for you to get to know Diana Cristel.  She is a young Afro-Mexican woman of 19 years old who has no parents.  She was broken hearted and battling suicide when she was brought to my wife, Eli Norton, for counseling. During that counseling session Cristel received Christ and began her journey to freedom.

She wanted to know more about Jesus and my wife suggested she come to Bible School.  She did not have the finances to pay for the tuition, but God touched several people and together they paid her tuition.  Cristel’s life was transformed by God’s Word and Presence.  She was particularly impacted when God showed himself to her as her loving Father.  The impact was so great that she wants to write a book called, “The Father’s Embrace”.  The Holy Spirit has touched her heart by healing her wounds of abandonment, taking away timidity, and giving her compassion for others, especially young woman. 

Cristel is currently studying second year Bible School and has had the opportunity to pray for the sick and has seen many peopled healed.  Out of a life that was broken and in the eyes of many useless, God has brought peace and purpose.  He is also using Cristel to bring physical and emotional healing to others.

Crystel Studying VBI 2
Crystel praying in Fountain of Grace

Help Change a Life Like Cristel

Cristel is just one example of what the power of God’s Word and Presence can do to a young disciple in Bible School.  However, for a young person to study at Roca Blanca it costs $285 dollars a month.  Because of the poverty in the region, we only charge each student $158 dollars a month.  The difference is made up by people like you who choose to invest in the life of a student by becoming a student sponsor. Become a Student Sponsor today.

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Radiant School of Ministry in Kalamazoo, MI, sent a group of 10 young people from March 23 – April 19 to Roca Blanca Missions Base. They were a joy and a blessing to host!

They distributed over 120 bags of food staples in conjunction with several medical outreaches and personal prayer ministry. San Martin, Loma Bonita, and El Mosco were deeply impacted by their efforts. In El Mosco alone, the clinic saw 169 patients in a day and a half of work!

Radiant School of Ministry Mission Team

Chris Sotelo from the team shared this testimony from his time: “We were going from house to house handing out food bags and praying for needs. We prayed for one lady who had a ton of pain in her knees.  After praying for her, we continued to the next house. Several houses down, we noticed the lady running toward us. She had come looking for us because her knees had been healed! ‘You have to come and pray for my mother!’, she said. It was an amazing answer to prayer. We went to her mother’s house and prayed for her mother. It was awesome to see and be a part of!”

Despite the heat, they also led children’s outreach.  Several of the students also had the opportunity to preach the word and share their testimony. They spent time at the New Day Children’s Home helping with homework, playing games, and catching a vision for caring for the 17 children who live there.  Direct evangelism on the beaches in Puerto Escondido was another highlight. The beaches attract people from all over the world. Prayer and sharing the Gospel have the potential to reach many nations at this location!

Radiant School of Ministry also completed a big project that had been on the wish list of Roca Blanca for many years. In four weeks, they converted a rocky field into a basketball court that will be used by the students and staff of the Mission Base. This is a huge blessing! They worked extremely hard on it, and the results speak for themselves.

Basketball Court
Radiant Team eating in village

Short Term Missions is a way to have an impact on the Kingdom of God in another culture and let God change your heart as well. If you are interested in bringing a team from your church or just coming by yourself, contact Ben & Hannah Clark at

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Roca Blanca Missions (VLAO) Office Moves Back to Hutchinson, Kansas

Roca Blanca Missions (VLAO) Office Moves Back to Hutchinson, Kansas

VLAO Moves Back To Kansas!

Approximately three years ago we moved our stateside office (VLAO) from Hutchinson, Kansas to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now, it is going back to Kansas! Charles and Elizabeth (Eli) Norton, who have served faithfully with us at Roca Blanca for the past 27 years, are moving to Hutchinson, Kansas and will administrate the Roca Blanca Missions (VLAO) office from there. 

Throughout the past year we have prayed and considered this change. Charles and Elizabeth along with their daughter Becky, will be leaving Roca Blanca for Kansas on February 19th. We are extremely grateful for their years of dedication and faithful service on the field. Now we can only thank God for their calling and willingness to administer the support network and the Roca Blanca Missions (VLAO) office.  

Our new address beginning on March 15, 2021 is:

Roca Blanca Missions

2228 Dover Drive

Hutchinson, KS 67502

Duane and Sue Kershner, founders of Roca Blanca Missions Base

Gratitud and Report from Kershners

Sue and I want to express our sincere appreciation once again, to each of you, for standing with us in this calling. It was 31 years ago that we arrived here in Southern Mexico. As we reflect on all that has happened, we are amazed. We have co-labored with God and each of you have helped us stand and move forward. 

The COVID-19 situation closed the missions base for 5 months. However, our team was strengthened during those months through times of prayer and fasting. We also went online with certain times of teaching and ministry. To our amazement we began to reach thousands of people in Central and South America. Somehow, God makes all things work together for good!

The Bible School and School of Worship are both working with around 70 disciples who are back with us and living at the Missions Base. The Spanish school and our K-12 school are both back in operation. There are 75 churches in our network and most of them now have normal services.

 Blessings to each of you,


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Duane and Susan Kershner Receive Honorary Doctorate Degree

Duane and Susan Kershner Receive Honorary Doctorate Degree

On Saturday, January 30, 2021 Duane and Susan Kershner, founders of the Roca Blanca Missions Base, received the Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate) from the University of Chiapas, a Christian University for “their laudable mission to announce the good news of salvation in 31 years of ministerial service, and founders of the Roca Blanca Missions Base on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. This has contributed to the growth of evangelical Christianity”.

Gina Gaxiola honors Kershners in ceremony of Doctor Honoris Causa
Amilcar Cruz Sarmiento, Academic Coordinator of the Theological Faculty honors Kershners

Dr. Cesar Bernardino Serrano Nucamendi, the Institutional Rector; Pastor Amilcar Cruz Sarmiento, Academic Coordinator of the Theological Faculty, and Licenciado Joel Jiménez Lang, Advisor and Liaison, each one faculty members of the University of Chiapas came to the Roca Blanca Missions Base to preside over the ceremony of honoring Duane & Susan. 

The University faculty members were also accompanied by the missionaries Laura Pratt Nelson, Georgina Gaxiola and Charles Norton in honoring the Kershners.  In addition to the ceremony, we celebrated a time of worship and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ for His faithfulness over these last 31 years. Pastor Amilcar said, “A man or woman is not from where they are born but where they are made” and the Kershners have been made by the Lord here in Mexico. 

Missionary Laura Pratt Nelson Honors Duane & Sue Kershner as they receive Doctor Honoris Causa
Charles Norton puts gloves on Sue Kershner as she receives Honorary Doctorate in Theology

One particularly important part of their trip, in addition to honoring Duane & Susan, was to confirm the relationship between our Victory Bible Institute and the University of Chiapas.  Through the University of Chiapas, students who have their high school diploma and study the three years of the Bible School at Roca Blanca will now be able to graduate with an undergraduate degree in Theology. 

Pastor Duane shared in gratitude that twelve years ago Gina had mentioned various times to Duane that we needed a university here, and now it is coming into being. Roca Blanca Staff members and pastors who have their high school diploma and have graduated from the Bible School will also be able to work towards their degree in Theology.  This is important as soon the Mexican government will be requiring that pastors have a degree in Theology to be able to work as a pastor.

We praise God for His faithfulness!

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WOMEN’S CONFERENCE – Empower Yourself Woman

WOMEN’S CONFERENCE – Empower Yourself Woman

On January 22-24, 2021, a group of women and myself hosted a Women’s Conference at the Roca Blanca Guest House called “Empower yourself Woman”. Five years ago, I came to the Roca Blanca Missions Base to study in the Bible School.  Here in this place, I was immersed in the Word and in the presence of God in a special way, and I wanted other women to receive a taste of what I had received.

Alejandra Teaching
Gricelda Worshipping
Woman Reading the Bible

Through “Empower Yourself Woman”, nineteen women of various ages, different backgrounds, single, married, and widowed, had the opportunity to experience a three-day encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit.  They regained their identity, healed their hearts, closed cycles of the past, put their hope in Jesus, and stood up to fulfill the wonderful task that God has assigned to each one of us as women.

Women came from Houston, Texas, San Luis Potosí, Oaxaca, Puebla, and other places on the Coast of Oaxaca. They said “YES” and woke up to the call to continue fulfilling the great commission and to be an instrument of blessing in the hands of the Lord wherever they are.

God bless you!

Woman around the table
Monica praying for a Woman

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Greetings From Our Family to Yours.

Greetings From Our Family to Yours.

As you look at our staff pictures and listen to a Christmas carol sung by the Multigrade High School Choir, we want to thank you for your participation with us throughout this last year.  In this Christmas season we celebrate the coming of “Immanuel – God with us”.  Jesus also said in his last words to his disciples, as He commissioned them to extend his kingdom by making disciples of all nations, that He would be with them always to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20).  When we are involved in making disciples, we experience the presence of Immanuel!

We want to thank you for your participation with us in discipleship making during this last year.  Our prayer is that you experience the presence of Immanuel in your family and your day-to-day life in a real and tangible way during this next year. 


Principal Base Leadership

Sergio, Chavy & Chely, Juan & Ale, David & Laura, Charles & Eli, Elieser & Becky, Socorro

CAMP (House of Prophetic Worship & Music)

Javier, Shadaí, Ruben, Sandy, Director – Sergio, Alejandra, Pepe, Neftali, and Adan

Bible School 2 & 3 Staff

Bible School 2 / 3

Eva, Adriana, Isai, Directors (3) Chavy and Chely, Directors (2) Aby and Avelino (with Ezdras), Daniela, and Belen.

Bible School 1 Staff Dec. 2020

Bible School 1

Armando, Exain, Directores Juan Carlos y Ale,  Chely and Aby.

Casa Hogar Dec 2020

New Day Children's Home

Rene & Vicky and their son Aaron and our 12 children: Belen, Diana, Flor, Alfredo, Belinda, Luis, Carmelita, Maria, Deira, Irlanda, Marco and the newest member Matias.

Guest Services

Lourdes, Sobe, Nahum (y Amiel)

Corban Medical Staff Dec 2020

Corban Medical Ministry

Soledad, Lucy, Adriana, Griselda, Director Laura, Dr. Enver and Karen, Betty, Eloina, Chano and Anna.

Fountain of Grace Staff Dec 2020

Fountain of Grace

Socorro, Monica, Director – Pastor Duane, Avelino, Eva.

Kitchen Staff Dec 2020

Kitchen Staff

Felicitas, Evelyn, Alejandra, Minerva, Chef – Salvador, Jenny, Eugenia, Elidia.

Multigrade School Staff

Multigrade Bilingual School

Yani, Iliana, Jessica, Beth, Sarai, Lucas, Director Paloma, Abdias, Grace, Dana, Guille, Grecia.

Trade School Teachers

Trade School Teachers

Irvin and Maria, MaryLou, Mimi, Amado, Director Steve, David.

Administration and Multimedia

Administration and Multimedia

Fidel and Monica (Multimedia), David, Delia, Judith, Directors – Becky and Elieser, Tere, Alejandra and Andres, Benji, (not pictured Veronica).

Grounds and Maintenance

Grounds and Maintenance

Raimundo, Julio, Rey, Jesus, Gamaliel, Director – Andres, David, Julio, Valentin, Bartolo, Tino, Vidal.

RBMB Store Cris and Anna

Base Store

Hermana Cris and Anna

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Trade School Moving Forward

Trade School Moving Forward

Steve & Laraine Roberts - Trade School

Roca Blanca Mission Base would like to present Steven and Laraine Roberts as the Trade School Directors.  Steve and Laraine are from a small town in Kansas and spent 8 months here in 2019 at the Roca Blanca Spanish Language School.  Steve held 3 Master Licenses in the state of Kansas – master electrician, master mechanical and master plumber. They ran an all-trade construction business in Kansas in which they attempted to evangelize, equip, and train young men through a work-based program. The Lord has called this couple here to fulfill the operation of the Trade School Training Program here at RBMB. Currently there are five programs operating: Driver’s Education, Carpentry, Welding & Fabrication, International Cooking, and Hand/Machine Sewing.

The Trade School vision, that was given almost 30 years ago as part of the original vision for the Roca Blanca Mission Base, is finally manefesting in these days. Currently, the building construction of the hands-on Industrial Training Center is complete! This Training Center houses three workshops, including a carpentry center, an automotive center, and a welding workshop. We are now in the process of constructing workstations, tool-storage, material-storage, and work-stands to fill these departments. We are also in the process, and in need of, filling our workshops with tools and equipment to teach our students with. Our carpentry center and automotive center have no full-time instructors, tools, or workstations to help us teach our students.

RBMB Trade School Driver's Ed
RBMB Trade School Driver's Ed2

The welding center is the furthest along in this process. We have a full-time welding instructor in position, to not only teach, but also operate this workshop as a fully functional business. We have already sold 3 to 4 jobs to outside clients that are bring sustainability to this portion of Trade School. The income from these jobs provides the salary for our instructor and helps cover over-head costs associated with the Trade School. This is exactly our intent!

Currently, we have students enrolled and attending classes in welding, carpentry, cooking, sewing and driver’s education. We are moving forward with what we have in our hands and in our heart and the students are learning!

The vision that the Lord has given to us here at Roca Blanca for Trade School includes three phases of facility construction. Phase 1 is drawing to a close, which is the Industrial Center. Phase 2 is the construction of a 300 sq. meter Bodega storage facility, to house and protect valuable equipment and also serve as an outdoor training center with an overhead canopy. This will eliminate the need to rent expensive tents to hold large meetings and training gatherings. This is currently under construction and is almost completed. Phase 3 will be the construction of a 900+ sq. meter Knowledge and Learning Center which will include 5 classrooms, 2 store-front businesses, a complete Cooking Training Center, and living quarters for the Trade School directors to provide oversight and security.

Please pray specifically in this direction for us here at Roca Blanca Trade School. We would love to have you become part of our team by supporting us in prayer and finances.

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Listen to La Banda de Roca
Roca Blanca Disciples

Roca Blanca Disciples

Dear Friends of Roca Blanca, We greet you in the precious name of Him who was and is and is to come, Jesus Christ, the reigning king! At the Victory Training Center at the Roca Blanca Missions Base in Cacalote, Mexico our mandate is to “Make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). This year we are busting at the seams with disciples!
In First Year Bible School we have 47 students receiving their biblical foundation and character formation.
In Second Year Bible School we have 13 students in ministerial and missions preparation.
In the School of Prophetic Music & Worship we have 15 students receiving instruction in learning to lead their congregations before the throne of God in worship. In the High School / Youth Discipleship Program we have a great group of 25 teenagers who receive discipleship instruction alongside their academic studies.
Finally, in the Roca Blanca Multi-Grade School we have 54 students from kindergarten through secondary school who receive their academic studies in a Christian curriculum and devotionals each morning where they learn about the character of Christ.
All together we have 154 disciples in formation! Because of the economic condition of the state of Oaxaca, the Roca Blanca Missions Base works in coordination with people like you who can become Student Supporters. We need to raise $6,000 dollars a month more or 60 student supporters to have a balanced budget. Become a Student Supporter by sending a monthly check of $100 dollars (or whatever you are able to commit to), and we will match you with a student. You will receive your student’s testimony as well as a quarterly letter from them updating you on their progress and experiences in school. Co-labor with us in our mandate to make disciples of all nations. Send your check to Victory Latin America Outreach, P.O. Box 1945, Hutchinson, Kansas 67502 with “Student Support” in the memo line or click the “donate” button at the bottom of this page to set up a PayPal donation. May the Lord richly bless you as you partner with us to disciple the nations for King Jesus. Thank you very much!
Roca Blanca Graduations 2016

Roca Blanca Graduations 2016

Dear Friends, On July 8th we celebrated the graduation of our 21st class of the Victory Training Center at the Roca Blanca Mission Base. Founder, Duane Kershner spoke on Isaiah 50:4-5, “The Sovereign Lord has given me a well instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed. The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears; I have not been rebellious, I have not turned away.” Brother Duane encouraged the graduates to allow the Lord to waken them each day to hear the word of the Lord and be directed by Him. He also prayed for those who were graduating to receive a grace to hear the word of the Lord in their lives every day and obey. There were 48 students graduating from the first year of Bible School, 11 from second year and 6 from the third year of Missions. There were 12 students that graduated from second year Music School and 4 that graduated from third year. On July 9th we celebrated the graduation of the Roca Blanca Multi-Grade School. There were four students that graduated from preschool. All 39 students from preschool through secondary participated in powerful presentations of English verses and songs, worship
music, fantastic folkloric and modern dances. God is raising up the next generation! There are more students that want to study next year, as the conflict with the Oaxacan teachers continues to interrupt public school attendance. With the Spanish School, High School, Bible School, Music School and Multi-Grade School Roca Blanca trained a total of 173 children, youth and adults. Your support is of vital importance to us. The Spanish School is the only self-supported ministry at the Base. All the other schools are supported by churches and individual like yourself. $100 dollars a month fully supports a student, however we accept any amount to become a student supporter. If you would like to become a student supporter, just send your monthly donation to: Victory Latin American Outreach, P.O. Box 1945, Hutchinson, Kansas 67504. We will pair you with a student from one of the schools and you will receive their picture and quarterly reports from your student so you can hear personally what God is doing in their life. We thank you so much for partnering with us in making disciples of all nations and raising up a generation that is participating in the harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God ! Charles Norton Missionary
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